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We offer an extensive range of car servicing. From the standard car service, to scheduled/home services and specific servicing on integral parts of your car.

Our Services

- Air Condition Repair

- Body Repair

- Body restoration / Collision Repair

- Body Alignment

- Brake repair specialist

​- Complete Computer Diagnostics

- Complete Safety Analysis

- Drivability Problems

- Decal Works


- Oil Changes


- Tire Alignments

- Tune - ups


- Retouch painting and Wash over

- Steering and Suspensions




From electrical wire troubleshooting to car generators and volt regulators, You may rest assured that your vehicle is in capable hands. 

Our electrical system service includes:

  • Auto Electric Repair:

    • Electrical cable connections are examined and adjusted, if necessary​

  • Auto Computer Diagnostics:​

    • With auto computer diagnostic services from us, your vehicle will receive a multi point inspection. From the checking of the level and condition of your vehicle’s transmission fluid to the checking of your vehicle’s upshift timing and quality​.

  • Check Engine Light Services:

    • A check engine light can be caused by many different things, from problems with the mass air flow sensor to a cylinder misfire. ​

  • Charging System Service :

    • The charging system of your vehicle could be described as the backbone of your vehicle. From the battery to the alternator, each component is a valuable element of your car’s charging system. Xclusv Autoworx is capable of ensuring that each component of your vehicle’s charging system is in perfect order.



Xclusv AutoworX


will do more than just fix your immediate automotive issues!


Our professional team will advise you on ways to save time and money in the future (no obligations).


Our services are done by certified-trained technicians. 


Our team is ready and qualified for any challenge your vehicle may offer.

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